Monday, September 1, 2008

And just like that, it begins...

I love quotes. 

Well, not all quotes. I don't love quotes on how much a thing is gonna cost and I don't love hearing quotes that follow statements like, "Well, the doctor had never seen such a hideous thing before and he said it looked like..."  

Nope.  I don't love all quotes, but some quotes make me think, or help put new thoughts where old ones used to live.  

Take that quote at the top of this little blog entry here. And just like that, it begins... I have no idea who said it.  It's on one of those little perfume-squirted cardboard samples they give out at perfume counters.  Someone sitting at a desk, trying to entice us to reach into our collective wallets and pay some reasonably big bucks to smell nice came up with that quote.  

And just like that, it begins...

I like it. Seems hopeful. First Times and Last Times are big deals, and this is my very first entry in my very first blog and let me tell you, it's pretty exciting to me.

That little perfumed card with the above-mentioned quote on it has been wedged in the corner of my bathroom mirror ever since I found it in the bottom of a drawer I was cleaning out one afternoon.  It would have hit the trash on any other day, but the saying struck a chord in this little heart because something extraordinary had just begun in my life, so I just had to keep it.

And just like that, it begins...

Everything has a beginning and this is one for me.  Random Brain Spew is the name I've given an exercise I have attendees do when I facilitate workshops or speak about enhancing creativity.  Seemed a good name for a blog, too.  

I'm a speaker, writer and coach who speaks, writes and coaches on communication.  Not just any old kind of communication, mind you, but The Art & Heart of Communication

When I sift down and put everything I've ever done in a basket, and after much soul-searching and months, no, years of trying to figure out what on earth my (insert echo) MAIN FOCUS would be, communication from the heart is at the very core.  

I don't know how this blog will morph and change into what it is to become, but I'm thrilled that you've joined me, my friend, and hope you do so again.  

Perhaps you are a speaker with words of wisdom to share, or maybe you are a writer who has insights or comments on goobers I will undoubtedly make, maybe both.  You might be an old friend, a former student, conference attendee, or someone who Googled, "goobers" and "spew" and found this blog---either way, new beginnings are wonderful things.  

...and just like this, it begins.